Padel Tennis

Discover the Thrilling World of Padel with Our Premium Rackets! Welcome to the fast-paced, exhilarating sport of padel! Always played with four people, padel pits two teams of two against each other on a court that’s 10 meters by 10 meters per side.

Understanding Padel Rules and Techniques

Enclosed Court Dynamics

The court is enclosed by a back wall standing 3 meters high, topped with an extra meter of fence, adding an extra layer of strategy to your game.

Scoring Just Like Tennis, With a Twist

Padel scoring mirrors tennis: 15-0, 30-0, 40-0, game. But in the high-stakes World Padel Tour, the game gets even more intense with a golden point at deuce. This decisive point can make or break the game, adding an electrifying edge to every match.

Master the Bounce

To keep the game fair and exciting, the ball must bounce off the grass before hitting the glass or fence. Direct hits to the glass or fence are out. Remember, the ball can only bounce once, but you can volley before it touches the ground. Use your own glass strategically – hits off the side or back glass are fair game, but avoid the fence or top fence, as those are out.

Serve Like a Pro

  • Secure your racket by putting your hand through the loop – a must for beginners!
  • Serve within your designated rectangular box.
  • Bounce the ball before serving.
  • Contact the ball below waist height.
  • You have two chances: a first and a second serve.
  • Ensure the ball lands in the diagonal service box.
  • If the ball bounces to the fence, it’s out. If it bounces to the glass, it’s in!

Partner Location

Positioning is crucial in padel. Partners can stand wherever they like, but here’s some expert advice:

  • The partner of the server should stand at the net position.
  • The partner of the returner should align with the returner.

Net Play

  • You’re not allowed to touch the net or the net posts.
  • The ball must bounce on your side before you can reach over and contact it.

Running Outside

Padel allows you to run outside the court to play the ball back in, particularly if your opponent smashes the ball out of the cage. This requires adequate space on both sides of the court. For competitions, a minimum of 2 by 5 meters is required, though more space is preferable to accommodate bags and benches.


In the World Padel Tour, an umpire decides if a ball is in or out. When playing with friends, you'll need to referee yourselves. If there’s any doubt, play a let – simply replay the point.

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