What squash racket is best for you?

1. When buying a racket from a beginner’s perspective the main things to consider are cost, head shape and weight. In terms of cost a maximum of around £65 is to be spent and a minimum of £30. In terms of weight, it really depends if you prefer heavier rackets which generally generate more power (150 grams), or alternatively a lighter racket weighing around 120 grams. To find the weight of the racket simply look on its frame. Racket head shape, is the next important thing to bear in mind, the larger the head shape the bigger sweet spot.

2. Rackets for the competitive club, county player (We know that generally a majority of these players will not be reading this). Attributes such as String type, frame profile (thickness), balance, playability are top of the agenda.

Frame Profile is very Important, some rackets now have thicker frames than others. These rackets are much stiffer and transfer large amounts of power through the shot. The Harrow Spark is a great example of a larger frame racket. On the other hand, the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Basaltex Multi-axial, as used by Mohamed El Shorbagy, has a thin profile, that slices through the air, allowing for greater head speed when hitting through the ball.

Balance: Some players like to feel the racket through the shot whereas others will prefer much lighter rackets. Generally lighter rackets allow for greater head speed when hitting the ball and heavier rackets allow for more feel. There is a myth that the heavier the racket the more power it generates, this is not true and it depends more so on the technical ability of the player. You can also get differently balanced rackets, some being head heaving and so on. Generally the more preferred balance is a 50/50 weight distribution.

String Type is an important factor, however it should not determine your purchase choice as a majority of manufacturer strings are not great. We advise that once your racket has been purchased you get the racket re-strung with a better quality of string. Some racket manufacturers string their new rackets with good strings with Tecnifibre offering this. Some rackets are now being sold pre-strung with high end string.
Playability: finally, your decision should be made on whether the racket suites your game or not. Generally shops with squash courts close by should have some demonstration rackets available for you to use. We will always recommend that the racket that feels right when doing this be your choice!